The ancient art of Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that combines elements of other disciplines such as karate, taekkyeon, gwonbeop, and other Chinese martial arts.

Taekwondo combines several different techniques, from self-defense and combat movements and stances, to exercise-focused elements. To excel in the discipline, fine skill requiring subtle moves must be developed from rigorous practice. The art features many types of kicking movements: high, head kicks; spinning kicks; jumping kicks; and fast kicks Students who take our Taekwondo lessons will learn patterns, sparring, breaking, kicking, blocking, punches, strikes and other self-defense moves. There is a big aerobic element to practicing the art, and students will get a good work-out during classes. We also stress the importance of discipline, respect, proper etiquette and self-confidence to all of our students. 

When deciding to take up the sport, it is important to select an instructor who is passionate as well as skilled. The instructors at Gonsalves Martial Arts have been practicing Taekwondo for many years and are experts at teaching the techniques to new and veteran students. we teach from the heart and are dedicated to reaching our students on a personal level. Our goal is to motivate each student to be the best that he or she can be.


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Kajukenbo is a hybrib martial art relatively new, originating in Hawaii in the 1940s, that combines elements of Karate (“ka”), Judo and Jujitsu (“ju”), Kenpo (“ken”), and boxing (“bo”). Considered a mixed martial art, Kajukenbo focuses on the ability to move effortlessly between the techniques of all these other arts. Its core emphasis is on developing strong self-defense tactics, and it is commonly referred to as a “street fighting” technique.

In the Kajukenbo classes offered at Gonsalves Martial Arts, we teach students proper striking, throwing, takedown, and kicking moves. Both hard and soft techniques are taught, with instructors showing how to smoothly transition between the different moves. There are specific forms or “katas” that must be correctly followed, just like in karate. However, the focus in Kajukenbo is to build self-defense mechanisms.

This martial art can be brutal, and therefore it is necessary to select a school that has well-trained teachers. Gonsalves Martial Arts prides itself on having a staff that is experienced and well-attuned to the needs of each student offering targeted classes for all skills levels.

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The weapons used in martial arts come from a variety of countries such as China, the Philippines, and Japan. They are used in different martial arts disciplines too, including Kung Fu, Karate, and Kajukenbo.

Proper use of weapons is serious business though, and it is important to be trained by professionals.

At Gonsalves Martial Arts, the teachers have years of experience handling traditional weapons and know how to safely show students how to use them as components of other martial arts like Taekwondo and Kajukenbo, Learning the proper use of traditional weapons is a very specialized discipline with many benefits.

each type of weapon will be taught and we will demonstrate the various ways in which they are used. We specialize in training students how to use the following weapons: Sai, Kama, Tonfa, Bo Staff, Screamer Stick, Katana, and Kali Arnis.

Here is a brief description of these traditional weapons:

• Sai—Is a 3-pronged weapon, used to trap swords and block enemy attacks.
• Kama—Is a small scythe.
• Tonfa—Wooden baton-like weapon with 2 handles.
• Bo Staff—A long wooden weapon shaped like a staff.
• Screamer Stick—A long, skinny wooden stick.
• Katana—Japanese sword.
• Kali Arni—Rattan stick, padded stick and wooden training knife.

Our goal is to teach students how to augment their martial arts skills by correctly using these and other weapons

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