Gonsalves Martial Arts

Our School is a family-owned and operated school that specializes in Taekwondo and Kajukenbo disciplines and traditional martial art weapon use.

Our Dojo is located in San Leandro, and we are proud to offers a variety of martial arts instructions geared to beginners as well as to students with more experience.

Our passion of martial arts made us accumulate over forty years of experience, including over twenty years of black belt designation (8th degree black belt).

Our Goal Is to Educated Young Teens & children in Self Defense & Promoting A Healthy Life Style

Martial arts have a long history of providing physical, spiritual, and mental benefits what they share in common is the development and improvement of one’s self-discipline, strength, confidence, and mental acuity.

Our philosophy is simple but strong: 

• The instructors at the school teach from the heart. 
• Our goal is to educate young teens and children in self defense.
• We promote a healthy lifestyle to deter youth from gang violence, drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

If you are new to martial arts, stop by the school or give us a call so that we can explain the different types of classes and match you (or your child’s) skills to the appropriate level. We are available to discuss the different attributes of each type of martial art that we teach so that you know what to expect

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